Travel: Experience | How to Drive 100 MPH in the Rain

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a need for speed. Well when I was invited to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta there wasn't a question that I was down for the cause, and I was bringing you along!

Then it started to rain!
And coming from NASCAR country (I worked in Charlotte for four years), you don't race when it rains. But being a gearhead, I should've known better...every other motorsport rides in the in the it was ON!
aren't they pretty. a few of the cars seen on the Porsche history tour

this beauty made me feel some type of way! all of the cars are on loan from private owners and are rotated throughout the year.

We took a history tour, spent a half hour in the simulator, (which I failed miserably!) then hit the course.

a peek inside the Porsche simulators. And from my results, I should never drive one!
Normally, I'd present you the vlog, but during this trip we were shooting a pilot for ANOTHER travel show...and this time I have a wonderful co-host...she's a red head too!

So stay tuned for that...
in the mean time, here's a little taste of my laps around the course.

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