Involuntary Mena-ja-twa


And's absolutely miserable!!!
Imagine peacefully falling asleep at night, then abruptly awaken with the disturbing pounding noise from above. It's consistent and then grows louder with moans and screams. And you are the one who wants to scream, because you were asleep!; and then awaken in the early AM hours without your permission! You think: "I'm grown. I set my own rules, and make my own choices. And now I'm offended to be dragged into your sex session against my will!!!"
The next step is to try to ignore it; and recapture that sweet rest you were enjoying. But, instead you are wide awake under the covers praying to God that they will stop soon. And they do. You know it by the loudest banging on the walls of all, and her final yell/moan/scream of release.

So, yeah! You finally dose off again.
About a hour later, your sleep is once again rudely disturbed as her sex-mate makes his grand exit. (Yes, you can hear his exit and trot down the stairs at 3:30am!) The bastard doesn't even have the balls to stay the whole night with her. And, of course, since you are wide awake, you peak out of the window to see what your neighbor was working with. And of course he's a gross peice of gargabe, and you hate him. You work hard. You earned your sleep. An this trash messed up your sleep pattern. You are pissed at him. You hate him! He's not even cute! Ughh. Barf...

My friends. This was my experience last night! But the thing is, my neighbor has been good lately. Yup. We've talked about it before. She was embarrrassed, sorry, all of that. We addressed this over two years ago when we first moved in. I had my peace back for a while now. But, now because of this, I can't stand her. It's true. I am so offended and irrated about my peacful abode being disturbed, I have ill will towards that chick.
I'll pass her in the hall and want to give her a dirty look. I want to shout "Slut! Keep it down! Have respect for others! You know I can hear you. Where's your dignity? Have sex at his house. I don't want to be involved!"
But, people. I can't really do that. So, what can I really do?

(This is a part of Tuesday's rant.)

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