Journeys: by Chanda Witherspoon

Our Daily Affair bloggers are very talented. So far, this week of "love" we've been honoring black women. Here is a poem by Chanda Witherspoon of Miami, FL who now resides in Atlanta, GA that falls in line with our theme this week. Big Ups Chanda, and Thanks for your contribution.
Mother, we were great warriors in a previous life, we fought side by side and defeated many enemies. We protected our homes, our families and our land. We made certain that our traditional way of life were taught to everyone in the community and remained sacred. We had a great over standing of the spiritual plane; we were in tuned with the universe and lived in harmony with all life forms. Our ancestors were a daily part of our tribe's life; we sought their guidance, wisdom and protection. I'm not sure if you were my brother, uncle, grandfather, or father. I know that we were close, you were my teacher. I would come to you for many different reasons, I would ask you questions about the great spirits, and you would tell me ancient stories that were passed down to you. We lived our lives passionately, without fear even when we were threatened by non-natives. We showed our courage. Mother, I remember you way before this present lift time. I have chosen you, just as you have chosen me, we are twin souls. Although we have journeyed through many life times together, the ancestors have allowed me to remember this one clearly. We have been blessed to have our warrior spirits in our current journey; we show great courage in time of need. We continue to live our life in harmony with the universe, and respect all life forms. Mother earth is our center, the Gods and Goddess is our resources. Just as you were my teacher then, you are my teacher now. I still seek your guidance, your stories of our scared way of life. We have ancient souls, with new minds. No longer are we required to use our physical strength to protect our community, we are now called to use our minds to educate ourselves and our community. Our physical and spiritual endurance has taught us many great lessons, and has strengthened our souls. We have brought that greatness with us in this life. I recognize me in you. We will continue to know one another throughout our many journeys.

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