Are Cartoons Going Too Far?

I'm all for freedom of speech...I'M A JOURNALIST!; and with out it, I couldn't survive. But, lately my spirit has been bothered with the extent that the liberal animators are taking their freedom. Yes...we have the right to express ourselves; but with power comes responsibility. And when I watch the out right disrespect of others values, rights, and bothers my spirit.

A few months ago I expressed how much I enjoyed and appreciated what "The Boondocks" brings to the table. But, lately I've felt that they are just letting Riley go to far. (When is that boy going to get his butt whooped?! I'm still a fan; but, I can't enjoy or appreciate some of the things he has said as of late.)

Last night was the big episode on South Park, after the chef, a.k.a. Isaac Hayes, announced his leaving...and why. So for the "why", the producers made him pay with a brutal, animated, blasphemic, annihilation of his cartoon character. My spirit was bothered. How can yours not be? How can theirs not be? There is a problem, no matter what you believe in or not...when we disrespect others. Because one of the most basic human laws is "to treat others like you want to be treated."

On that note, here is a video clip in honor the "the chef", from South Park:

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