I want a cheeseburger with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce, please!

It's getting harder and harder to feel confident in eating red-meat ya'll. check out this blurb from CNN.com:
A cow in Alabama has tested positive for mad cow disease, the
Agriculture Department said Monday, confirming the third U.S. case of the
brain-wasting ailment.
The cow did not enter the food supply for people
animals, officials said. The animal, unable to walk, was killed by a
veterinarian and buried on the farm.
"We remain very confident in
the safety
of U.S. beef," said the department's chief veterinarian, John
Authorities said the farm was under an informal quarantine but
would not say where it was.

But,all you can do is pray. So, remember to say your grace!

If you forgot how, here is a sample:

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for this food that we are about to receive, that it may be nourishment to our bodies, and You nourish our souls. In Jesus' name, AMEN.

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