Word on the Street...

So the latest on the rumor mill is that Janet Jackson is looking better than she has ever looked. (That must be absolutely amazing...because she's always looked flawless.)
Also, there is this supposed leaked track from her upcoming album, which you can click here and actually download...but before you do that read on...
That's suspicious in itself because it's not like Virgin Records to leak tracks...then again, the non-success of her last release may lead to a prank like that. (It reminds me of puplicity stunts like sudden releases of "sex tapes" and oh, "nipple-gate", which makes a "leaked track" incident very possible.)
Anyway, I heard not only does Ms. Jackson look great, she's conformed her pop-sound to hip-hop. Yeah, supposed songs comparable to bootylicious and grills and hood-rich. That rumor kinda got me intrigued. But, this "leaked track" is not like this new hip-hop flavor at all. It's very Janet in the late 1990's-2000's. So, all of that to say...I guess we'll just have to wait and really see!

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