Anti-MySpace continuing yesterday's discussion, there is another disturbing issue with that blog-site. Teens have access, create pages...perfect for predators. A few months ago Bobbi Christina, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter, was caught posing as an adult and her site was quickly removed. The only precaution MySpace takes is that people who ask to be "friends" or communicate with those under 16 are required to get their permission. But, all they have to do is ask, so a curious 14year old girl still isn't protected by predators, 'cause all she has to do is let "him" in!
Also, a friend told me of another problem: in creating their online profile, many minors under 16 simply lie about their age, to avoid the extra precautions. 13-year-olds just say they are 21. It's easy enough and anyone has access.

With all of that, you should check out the video below. Because many of these pages are inappropriate and practically porn. These kids are exposing themselves to so much danger and it's right there on the internet. (And once it's on the internet, its out there FOREVER!)


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