Journalist Family Reunion

At the last minute I decided to make the trip to the "Nap" (Indiannapolis) for our annual NABJ (National Association for Black Journalists) Convention; and boy was it worth the trip!
I would have done a great diservice to myself if I would have missed it; I don't understand why I considered it.
  • older brother Michael Wilbon admonished all of us to be up on our game in the workforce. Study, know what you are talking about, be prepared, and do great work!
  • Yes sir! Advice noted!

  • distant cousin Mayor Ray Nagin spoke to the entire family about "his plan" for the visually and emotionally devasted New Orleans city, metro, and region. (I appoligize on his behalf. Please excuse him. You know how every family has that one cousin who lies and exagerates the truth to make like everything is O.K. and they know what they are doing.)

  • immediate family members of the Sports Task Force had our main plenniary meeting on Saturday August 19. Once again our brothers and fathers don't know how to give solid advice their sisters and daughters when it comes to the locker room and it's disgraceful stories. But, on the otherhand, they do give great, great tips for us to excel as the experts when we return home to our respective beats. ( I can't tell you anymore secrets. It's family business that our mothers told us not to put out in the streets!)

It's always a good time at this family reuinion. Catching up with long lost sisters and cousins. Introduced to new members of the family. Kudos for our celebrity brothers. Honoring our parents; and mad respect for our grandparents who paved the way for us.


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