Let's Never Forget...Time to Remember

Iconic star, Tamara Dobson, a.k.a. Cleopatra Jones, died last week. AP reports the cause was complications of pneumonia and multiple sclerosis, her publicist said. She had lived at the Keswick Multi-Care Center for the last two years. She was 59.

Last Friday we also lost another icon. John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil...the last of our negro league players, passed at age 94. But, he had more of a social life than I could ever imagine. I remember meeting him last year in Atlanta and in awe of the struggles this life fed this man. But, yet he found humor in life, and was still kicking...or should I say hitting until his dying day! He's amazing! A former star for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues, he was better known as a tireless ambassador for the game of baseball--but he should be remembered for the pure goodness of his humanity.
The son of a slave, O'Neil grew up and through the most tumultuous and painful times in the fight for civil rights. His was a life battered by bigotry and hate, and yet he never harbored any bitterness. He was a man who's been on the journey and survived it with wisdom and spread it, along with love, whenever he could. (No, I was not close to him. I only met him. But, he made you feel that you were his family.)
Tragic: He is not in the Hall of Fame. (because of one or two arrogant sports writers)
Heroic: Because he didn't care. He's known for saying...he has no regrets, and is very proud of the legacy he will leave.

Congratulations Kansas City for the beautiful ceremonies you have planned today in honoring this legendary man.

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