Same Author, Same Blog Name; New Purpose. New Life

Hello. Hello. Hello. (*blow* off the cob webs of blogging of the virtual table) Is this thing on?

OK. Instead of closing this account and starting a new one for fashion, I decided to revamp the Daily Affair...because...hmm...I love the name.

This blog is titled Outfit of the Day: Daily Affair
I want it to be a space where I and some of my friends, and you all too...can show off our outfits.
But more than that (because I realize other famous bloggers do that too), I want to share the lessons I've learned about style, fashion, Do-it yourself projects and shopping.

I am so excited about this. I've been planning this for over a month and I am glad we are finally getting started. This is not only going to be fun, but we are going to look so gorgeous...and we won't be broke.
I have big plans for us stay tuned, subscribe, and pass the word along.

Lets start a movement.

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