Channeling Michelle Obama

Jason Wu, a designer made famous in 2009 for Michelle Obama’s Inaugural gown has designed a line for Target. I am a fan of Mrs. Obama’s sophisticated style, so I considered carefully whether to pop over to Target to be among the first to see his threads in person. The first questions that run through my mind are: do I really want to do this at 8am on a Sunday and would any of my friends accompany me to make it more fun?

I talked myself through the decision. Pros: I love fashion and am always up by sunrise, thanks to my rooster of a three-year old daughter. Con: There is no way I will be able to get any of my friends tocome with me to this event. Sunday morning is many things for many people, a day to sleep in, go to church, make a big breakfast or go out to brunch…oh and it’s also Super Bowl Sunday. Meh. That seals the deal, for the love of fashion I will take this journey solo. The second decision to make will be which Target to visit. I am 15 minutes from two locations. I would guess that while the uptown location may be more hip and include more items from the full line, the chances of a real frenzy are greater there. At this hour I just can’t stomach a huge line and those pushy “city” people, so I take my chances and choose the suburban Target, hoping for a more gentile, southern hospitality type of crowd. As I am leaving the house, my husband hands me a floodlight from our kitchen, hoping I will get replacements while I’m at Target. Clearly he is not viewing my trip to Target as a hard-hitting fashion journalism project.

As a pull into the parking lot at 7:55, I thank myself for choosing wisely. The lot is mostly empty and there just are about a dozen people at the front door, so I am betting my chances are good for a hassle-free shopping experience. But wait! The first girl in

line is all business. She speaks loudly of her excitement, and mentions she brought her camera to submit her experience to the local news as an I-reporter. I glance at the other ladies in front of me, and notice they are quite stylish with their boots and handbags and cute hairstyles. I am glad I wore my black jeans and not my yoga pants today!

At 7:59, the doors open and there is a civilized trot to the Jason Wu area. Quickly the scarves disappear (rats!) before I even get to the accessories display. I do snag an adorable straw bag trimmed in black and within seconds they were all gone. These ladies are quite polite, uttering “Excuse me for reaching.” and “So sorry- did I knock that over?”

On to the clothing- I grab a printed dress with a pearl trim at the neck, and a matching crotcheted cardigan. Then I choose a few embellished t-shirts, a striped t-shirt dress, and a pleated navy skirt with a sweet floral top with a lace inset at the neckline. I hate to leave behind that great red striped t-shirt dress so I linger a bit. Too many others were buying it, and I didn’t want to look like a Stepford Wu-wife, so back on the rack it went. With my upcoming Kentucky Derby weekend in mind I buy the pleated navy skirt, sweet top and the straw bag. I'm including a photo of my new Michelle Obama-inspired outfit paired with a cute cropped jacket and coral peep-toe shoes that were already in my closet. Now if only I’d remembered to buy those light bulbs…

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