Give these Nail Polish brands a try!

Today is nail polish day. 
While I often go for a natural nail, I do love a gorgeous splash of color from time to time. There are a few things that should be on every girls nail polish check list:

1) Color: You want the color to be vibrant and true to what it is advertised as. There is nothing worse then buying a nail polish that is one color, only to find out that it dry's another color.

2) Wear and tear: I don't really need to say this, but we use our hands for everything....That is one of the things that makes us human. So, when you have purchased and applied a nail polish you darn well expect it to last. The average nail polish, with two coats and a top coat, should last about a week if not longer.

3) Price: No matter what brand or reputation, nail polish is nail polish. People may argue that some are better than others and they would be correct, but in the general scheme of things, you slap it on your nails and have a pretty color for a while. It doesn't matter if you have the most expensive nail polish or the cheapest that you found at a drugstore, if it does the job, then it is OK in my book.

Here are some brands that I enjoy and suggest that you try out if you haven't already.


I like this brand because I am able to check it off on each of my nail polish requirements, and because the companies motto is "Live the good life". Based on their product I can see that they truly believe this. They also have a vegan line.
They run for around $10.00

Sally Hansen-Insta-Dri

I really love this brand of nail polish because the colors are amazing and they dry extraordinarily fast.
They run for around $4-5.00


I received this nail polish in a monthly Birchbox (I'll explain more about this in a later post). The best thing about this polish is that the color is dead on. The one that I got is a beautiful denim sparkly blue, and it is exactly that color when it is dry. The have a wide selection including sparkly colors, matte finishes, and vibrant colors.
They run for around $6-8.00

I hope that this post introduced you to a few brands that you may not have known about, or reignited your love for them. Enjoy!


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