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In this election year when crazy campaign techniques, tactics and strategies are consistently presented to the public, “The Campaign” , a tongue-and-cheek film about our political system, is released at the perfect time.

Rated R - 85 min | Comedy - August 10, 2012 (USA)

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“The Campaign” hits theatres at the perfect time as our country’s own national political race starts to heat up. This movie takes a satirical look at American politics and although it exaggerates what happens today, the message is very clear.

“The Campaign” stars Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis who go head to head in a small town senatorial race. My expectations were that this movie should be funny because simply, it's pretty easy to make fun of our political system. (I mean, John Stewart and friends do it every night with the “Daily Show.”)

Will Ferrell plays Cam Brady, a long-term congressman who year after year runs uncontested until he commits a major gaffe. Backed by uber-rich CEOs, Zach Galifianakis’ character Marty Huggins is put in place to rival Brady. Huggins is used as a front for the rich folks’ “insourcing” scheme and through a cut throat campaign manager, played by Dylan McDermott, Huggins gives Brady a serious fight for the election.

The film explores nearly all aspects of politics: money and the millionaires it takes to  build even the smallest campaign, the team needed to push a campaign, the media and public, debates, scandals, message spins and tag lines. There’s mudslinging, back stabbing, home wrecking...everything we see in today’s real life political circus.

“The Campaign” also gives us a little drama when the protagonist (Huggins/Galifianakis) and antagonist (Brady/Ferrell) roles get a little blurry. (As you often see in real-life politics!) But for the most part, this film is meant to be silly, funny and full of one-liners that you’ll want to remember to tell your friends.

*When you see this movie remember: Scout and Sergeant, travelocity gnome, boy spanks, and “It’s a Mess.”  Also, let me know in the comments the one-liners that you loved.

My favorite part of this movie is when the baby got slapped. (This scene is in the trailer, so this isn’t a spoiler. But I will tell you that the moment isn’t ruined by having seen it in the trailer. It will have you screaming and laughing more than you would expect!)

Other minor characters of note are Jason Sudeikis as Mitch(Cam Brady’s campaign manager), Katherine LaNasa as Rose Brady (the wife), John Lithgow as Glenn Motch and Dan Aykrod as Wade Motch (The Motch Brothers millionaires) and Brian Cox as Raymond Huggins (Marty Huggins’ father). Cameos by Wolf Blizter, Piers Morgan, Bill Maher, Chris Matthews and many more national TV anchors round out the media circus.

Will Ferrell’s performance as Cam Brady was very entertaining, as usual. He is perfect at satirical roles of real personality types. (i.e. race car drivers, anchormen and semi-pro basketball players)

And in every movie Zach Galifianakis is in, you immediately giggle at his entrance in the movie. He really does know how to enter a room. He’s quirky but comfortable with himself. He knows his flaws and has learned to accept himself. All in all, Galifianakis’ character is endearing and very funny.

This movie is a good one. I certainly recommend it , but take caution as it is rated R, so you will see some “ass and titties.”

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