Movies: Preview (no spoilers) Here Comes the Boom

Rated: PG | Action - Comedy | October 12, 2012 (USA)

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My belly still hurts from laughing so much. I mean I was hollering at every scene in Here Comes the Boom. It stars Kevin James as Scott Voss, an uninspired teacher who gets inspired when a colleague, played by Henry Winkler, is about to lose his job.

After several attempts, the only way he could help him was to start fighting in Mixed Martial Arts. Ahahahahahaha! So the premise of the script is a little shaky. But don’t be turned off by it. This movie is good.

Especially since they rounded out the cast with former MMA champion Bas Rutten as Niko, James’ fight coach. Rutten is kooky, crazy and highly entertaining. When asked if he was acting or was that really him, he said “ I think it was Bas 20 years ago. Like 5 years ago some friends of mine came over and having dinner with a bunch of other friends and the guys from Holland said,’Oh my gosh, you’re so relaxed now.’ And the guys go,”That’s relaxed?!” Rutten’s character highlights what happens to an athlete after his career. His post career job is hilariously portrayed, but brings up a real question: what do professionally athletes do after they are done playing?

James has superb comedic timing. He made what could’ve been a cheesy movie into a great time. Even the use of the popular song “Here Comes the Boom”, which is the title of the movie, didn’t seem dumb. (And I almost always think slapping the audience in the face by explaining the title of the movie in the movie is dumb!)

There’s something about Henry Winkler...when he is introduced there’s a warm feeling inside. Bas Rutten speaks about working with the guy he remembers as “the Fonz,” “I used to watch Happy days with my friends and family. I was 10,12 years old. You know to see him now here...although he stole my anti gravity chair the whole time. Every time! He was laying and sleeping. I didn’t want to wake up the Fonz!” In the movie, Winkler delivers nothing but one liners...and there are no complaints here.

it was nice but not a surprise to see Kevin James’ real life brother Gary Valentine play his brother in the movie.  And the beautiful Salma Hayek was cute and funny. Kevin James worked with Hayek on Grown Ups and talked about how he enjoys working with her, “It’s just comfortable. When people you work with are funny and comfortable, You can kind of have that comfort zone and you can try different things and you don’t feel embarrassed by it.” James is talking about the hilarous scenes he has with Hayek, from her relocating his shoulder to him bidding for a date via a trampoline slam dunk.

Do you remember the jerky guy from Ally McBeal, Greg Germann plays the antagonist, wicked principal Betcher. Every movie needs a bad guy.
And cute, little Filipina actress Charice gets to act and sing in this movie. (Her personal story and journey to the United Stated is amazing, so if you don’t know about her, check it out here.)

Several themes run through this movie, including stand up and fight for others, perseverance, and the underdog turns into the hero and also gets the girl.
Two men go on a journey, an entertaining one I will add, and they both have two goals that are important to them.

Each scene you will laugh, but then it leaves with more...and extra twist that leaves you screaming into the next scene.

It’s set in Boston, but it took me a moment to figure that out.
I also saw blatant, slap-you-across your face product placement with Dunkin Donuts. (I mean Dunkin Donuts was almost a featured extra, if not a minor character.)

There are no spoilers here, but look for these scenes which were my favorite: one with a mattress, another one with rain, then one with a kooky date, and even the one with the food fight..and I hate food fights!

Just being a little picky, but I did roll my eyes when the movie started with the standard opening scene in the bed with the guy asleep. Just a side note: I’ve been a little bored lately with movies starting with the characters in the bed, waking up from bed, leaving the bed and going to the bathroom, etc. There’s other ways to introduce the audience to the movie.

Also, it is a movie with a happy ending, so there is a fantasy part to it; meaning, in a MMA fight where James’ character fights a man that when you see him you’ll say “He is going to kill him!” and James’ character doesn’t die, that is fantasy.

I usually never want to watch movies over again, but I’d go back to see this one. It was fun, literally laugh out loud funny and super entertaining. Treat yourself...go see this movie.

Watch below to see my TV preview of the film, complete with interview with the stars of the film.

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