Style Star: Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou is an author, a poet, a civil rights activist, film and television producer and so much more. So when she speaks, people hang on her every word. 

I recently had the honor of meeting the living legend when she visited Charlotte as the headliner for the 11th Annual UNCF Women Who Lead Luncheon at the WestinCharlotte

In a private meeting with the media she said “The thing that is not told to journalists enough is ‘we need you.’ The world needs you. Have enough courage to be courageous and tell the truth. Don’t tell everything you know, but tell the truth.”

We hung on her every word and afterwards felt "full", inspired and blessed to have experienced that. Every phrase she said had meaning. It was easy to quote her because everything she said was quotable.

But this post is about the 85 year-old's style.

June 29, 2013, photo credit Dayvee Sutton

  • Dressed in a black and white jersey knit maxi dress, she looked comfortable but not under-dressed.  
  • She accessorized with a long pearl necklace and big pearl and gold clip on earrings.

And her hat... her red thin brimmed had with a satin ribbon, she wore with ease. 

She said that she hoped her had would win the hat competition of the event. Bringing to my attention that it was not some old thing she had and without thought popped on her head. She had cared about it.

She then explained the meaning of hats within the black community.

With African American women the hat, in some cases, conceals a lot of difficulty; which means the hair didn’t get done.

So a hat is a very serious matter. And when African American women go to church, people see them and they may not remember their prayer, they may not remember their song , but they remember what hat they wore.

And for that Dr. Maya Angelou is our very first Style Star.

Bonus: my photo with Dr. Angelou

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