Fashion Daily Tip: You Can Wash Cashmere

Maybe your favorite holiday gift was a beautiful cashmere sweater.

An investment I'm sure.

Cashmere sweaters average $50 - $250
And if you get a great classic style, it can last you a lifetime.

But let's say you wear it twice a month during the winter season...3-4 months. The hope is that you don't have to wash it after each wear, but in case you do...that could be about $12 each dry clean.
So the math... $12 x 2 (per month) x  4 = $96. So that is nearly $100 extra dollars a year for just one cashmere sweater!
Well despite what it says on the tag, cashmere is best washed by hand
And it is incredibly simple.         D-I-Y Scale: 1

  1. Fill a bucket or the kitchen sink with room temperature water.
  2. Use baby shampoo or a mild detergent like Woolite or Essence and put in the water. 
  3. Press out the excess water laying the sweater on a towel and pressing out the excess water; but do not wring the sweater. 
  4. Fold to store. To avoid a line running down the middle of the sweater, fold each side of the sweater inward by a third. Smooth the arms down, and fold in half. 
*Never hang a cashmere sweater―it will cause shoulder dimples, and the pull of gravity will distort the overall shape.
*Also note, wet cashmere can take days to dry. To cut the time in half, use a large salad spinner to spin off excess water. Use one with a pull cord; they're more effective. Then lay flat to dry.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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