Real Life: How to Cope with Valentine's Day

Confession time: I have never had a real Valentine's Day in my adult life.

And it's not that I haven't had boyfriends over the the years that coincided with the day; it is just it has never worked out for me to have a celebration or to be someone's special Valentine.

To get into the details of it all, that would take a lifetime of stories. But to simplify why, it has been a combination of my job (always working the NBA All Star game) or getting in a fight the day before, or just being single.

So how I have coped? 

I have just tried to ignore it. I have tried to play it cool and before you know it, the day has passed. I don't even do those "let's go for the girl's night out" things...anymore. Yup! As much as I can, I'll think of it as any regular old day.

But in truth...I would love to have a Valentine. He can make a big romantic gesture or simply send roses with a love note. The essence of my desire to celebrate the day is that I just want to feel special. I think all of you can relate to that.

But alas, we are here...another year, and it looks like another Valentine's Day to ignore.

Instead of giving tips, I've asked some friends to share how they make it through the day. Here's their candid conversation...

(I mean, really, at this point do you really want any tips?)

  • Tiffanie Nicole
    Tiffanie Nicole

    I've learned to embrace it and focus on self love. It's far to easy to get caught up on being alone. But I have a great life and I'm blessed. So I do things for myself, and enjoy the company of wine!
  • Nichelle B.
    Nichelle B.

    My father and brother make me feel special. It's a requirement from my mother! Lol
  • Danielle Lazaro Mua
    Danielle Lazaro Mua

    On Valentines day I focus on coming up with surprises for my kids. I put them on their place at the table for them to find at breakfast.
  • Tamu Curtis
    Tamu Curtis

    When exactly is Valentine's Day again?
  • Tamu Curtis
    Tamu Curtis

    lol. Seriously though. When I'm single it's really not on my radar. My life is pretty full and I'm enjoying how I'm living it. Valentine's Day is what you make it just like any other day of the year.
  • Vanzetta Evans
    Vanzetta Evans

    I look forward to Valentines Day because it means 50% off candy on the 15th!
  • Dana Cooke
    Dana Cooke

    I'm not that into Valentine's day so even when I'm in a relationship, it's not a "must have" for me. Plus, my birthday is a month after Vday and equivalent to a galactic holiday to me (lol) so typically, I'm excitedly planning my month of festivities. I love the sweetart hearts though. Lol
  • Kortni Alston
    Kortni Alston

    Since my divorce three years ago, this is my first Valentines Days that I have shared with a special someone. For me, it isn’t just about being enamored with the fact that I am in a relationship. I adore the authentic chemistry, connection, and compassion that I have with an extraordinary man. Last Valentines Day when I was single… I loved every minute of that too. How? Well, I spent it recognizing all the people that I love. Matter of fact, I bought more than 50 boxes of Valentines Day candy and distributed to all my love ones. I even wrote many of them “love” notes. It turned into one of the most memorable moments of my life. Valentines day isn’t a time just for lovers, it a great day to recognize all the people you hold dear!
  • Melinda Quick
    Melinda Quick

    I've been with someone before on that day just so I can say I had a Valentine and not be alone. It definitely did not make it special. Id much rather be with someone where we treat each other like "Valentines" throughout the year with flowers, dining, gifts etc. instead of making a big production of it once a year on a commercialized day when the prices are jacked up & the restaurants are overcrowded. Do I want someone, of course. Do I want someone more because it's Valentines Day? Absolutely not. So until that day daddy has me covered with the flowers & edible arrangements, lol.
  • Melinda Quick
    Melinda Quick

    And I second with Vanzetta. With sales and coupons I get free candy come the 15th so I get my sweets after all...hehe.
  • Jimese Sherrie
    Jimese Sherrie

    I Am my greatest lover, honestly. I shower myself with pampering, self love and splurging on and doing my favorite things when single on Valentines Day. With this attitude and actions in self love I am sure to attract a man who treats me and values me as much as I love and value myself. I believe this without a doubt.

How do you make it through Valentine's Day?

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