Travel Daily Tip: Leave a Tip for the Housekeeper

It's something that I learned while traveling internationally...
Leave a Tip for the Housekeeper Who Cleans Your Hotel Room

But it is not something I think too many Americans do. Because it is not an American custom.
According to a survey on, less than 30% of Americans tip their housekeeping staff.
This is because mostly, they are the invisible workers. It's that out of sight, out of mind idea.

But it is customary to leave a tip for your housekeeper at the end of your trip when traveling to foreign countries.

How much?

From my experience, and from the guidance of my more experienced friends, $2/day of your stay is sufficient.

Some guides suggest you leave the tip daily, to ensure that the actual person who cleaned the room gets the tip. But since housekeepers are trained not to touch personal items, even money if they find it, that could put them in a predicament.

So I suggest just leaving the sum of the tip at the end of the trip, with a note that clearly indicates that the money is for the housekeeper, either on the bed or the desk.

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