Fashion: Bras for any outfit!

Have you ever felt limited in your wardrobe, because of worrying about what bra to wear? 

Some ladies can go braless....many more of us cannot.

I have dresses in my closet that I may never had the chance to wear if I didn't  find the right bra.  

Not to long ago there was the trend of letting your bra straps show. 
I hated it.
But even celebrities were engaging in this fashion faux-pas. 
I tossed it up to the fact that finding the right bra became a hassle and woman gave up and embraced their straps!  

But no longer. Check out what's on the market these days...
Some work well...
Some...not so much...

Remember this one? It is the 

Nudwear Strapless Backless Adhesive Gel Silicone Bra

I tried this years ago and it really worked well the first 5 minutes, until I started sweating. I looked down and realized they were on my stomach. So, in the trash they went.
Here's what you can rock now...
It is a deep plunge, backless and comes in strapless bra. 
This is perfect for the backless, low cut dress or blouse.
How creative is this? It is a perfect solution, too.
(Of course, it works better with smaller cup sizes.)

This one is great for backless dresses and dresses cut on the sides.

If you must show straps, this is the way to go. The creative design will make it look a part of the outfit. 
This is the same idea!
I wouldn't mind showing off these bra straps!

Got a fashion tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. The bosom gods have finally smiles upon us!!!!!!

  2. I think every woman should read this. Im not a fan of bras showings no matter what style saying is acceptable.

    1. Yes, it was great to find these options. I wanted to share!

  3. It's hard to buy these things online. better to try them out. Do you think Macy's has these?

    1. Most department stores carry at least one of these bras. I don't go to Macy's often so I don't know if they have these or not, but I'm sure they do.

  4. I have something called a 100 ways bra from Vic Secret. It's not cheap but it's awesome. Also, the deep plunge one showed is great for evening wear.

    1. I never go wrong with Vic Secret, but you're right they aren't cheap.

  5. The fashion trend with dresses that showed the full shape of the breast has been nice in some cases. However there are times where a dress would fit an occasion perfectly except the natural profile of breast is a little extra and taking away the classiness of the person and the dress. This article helps situations like that. Also some women really like dresses that are cut a particularly way but really do need the support of the bra. Im glad to know they can still wear that beautiful dress with out worry of not having the support or concealment that they need. Keep it sexy ladies.

    1. Michael, it's always good to hear the male perspective. Yes, classy and sexy is the goal! Thanks for your comment.

    2. By the way, Michael check out Davina's article on male grooming tips.

  6. Carrie Bradshaw had everyone showing bra straps! smh!


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