Beauty:Review - Intrinsics...More than Baby Wipes

Anybody who knows me or has worked with me understands that I have a deep and abiding love for baby wipes. Perhaps it borders on obsessive, but I use them for everything under the sun. I do worry about chemicals though. Luckily, my worries are over!

Recently, a friend turned me on to a company called Intrinsics. I ran out of baby wipes, and she handed me the brand she uses. I asked her if she been reading the latest news about chemicals in wipes, and she said that Intrinsics had a range of all natural, cotton products. 

I love these Intrinsics wipes! I have used them myself, on my clients, and on the sensitive skin of one of my kids, and they clean just as well as any other brand. In addition they are sturdier, fragrance free, and I don't have that weird chemical feel on my skin that I usually do.

Intrinsics also makes an awesome product called Pillowettes. They are great for removing makeup, and they fit right over your fingers. What I love about them is that they don't shed. I don't enjoy products that leave lint behind on the skin. These little pieces of cotton fabulousness do their job and don't break down the way other makeup remover pads do.

As a makeup artist, single use products are vital to my business. It helps keep my clients safe from the spread of dirt and bacteria. I am always searching for cotton swabs, applicators, wipes and pads that fit my needs and don't irritate sensitive skin.

I am a loyal gal, and once I find something I love, I stick with it. I think Intrinsics has won me over as a life-long client!

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What is your favorite go to product these days?

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  1. Good information! I'm going to look for those!


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