Beauty: Strange (but fabulous) Makeup Tips from a Pro

I wish I could tell you that I walk around looking perfect all the time, but I don't. 20 years of experience has made it so that I can do a full face of makeup on myself in under ten minutes, and look like I do in the photo above. But I am also an exhausted mother of two, so an extra ten minutes in bed is usually what wins out.

To keep up with my beauty routine and still be able to do all the things I need to do in a day, I have come up with some weird tips and tricks that make life a bit easier for me.

Read on to find out...

•You know how you think that your eyebrows are still perfectly tweezed until you get into the car and flip down the mirror? Every time I look at myself up close in that bright sunlight, I see tons of little stray brow hairs that I didn't catch in my bathroom mirror. 

My solution...

keep a pair of tweezers in my car at all times. When I pull into a destination, I take advantage of the sunshine and take a minute or two to tweeze and clean up my brows. I have seen some looks from people getting in and out of their cars next to mine in the parking lot, but good brows are TOTALLY worth the stares!

Preparation H - shrinks the know where, right? I use the same principle under my eyes. During allergy season I often wake up with puffy, swollen eyes. I apply some preparation h, let it sit for a few minutes, and wash it off. Problem solved.

•I have the expensive teeth bleaching set that my dentist made for me. What I do not have is time to use it. Instead, each morning I swish a mix of 1/3 hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 water in my mouth as I shower, then I spit and rinse. It keeps my teeth white and helps heal any cuts in my mouth. Bonus!

 There you have. Some of my favorite tricks.
Do you have any? Please let me know below!


  1. not so strange. but good stuff.

  2. I deff keep tweezers in my car at all times!! Brows are one of the main facial features, they make all the difference. A few years ago I discovered the miracle that is called a "Universal Brow pencil" absolute BEST investment ever!! I get tons of compliments on my brows. Also a quick hair trick: if you out and about, say your on vacation, you look in the mirror and see that the humidity has really gotten to your hair but you have no hair products. Put a little lotion on your hands (emulsify first) the run your hands over the frizz. The frizz is gone instantly! Be careful to only use a little bit of lotion though!

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