Real Life: Get Your Sleep!

 We know. Getting good sleep can make all the difference in your health.

Today we break it down as to how to get it done!

1. Accept that you NEED it


Just like we know we have to eat, sleeping is just as essential. It is NOT a luxury. So as we schedule our lunch breaks and dinner reservations, go ahead and create a bedtime that you can promise yourself to be dedicated to. 
Besides, it worked for you as a kid.

 2. Slowly Increase Sleep Hours

Do that by shutting down your night 15 minutes earlier one week. Then increase it 15 more minutes the following week. It you need to eventually go to bed two hours earlier than what you do now, try this method and you;ll be there in no time.
The smaller increments will get you there in no time!

3. Trick Your Body


Study's show that a cool room helps sleep.
Set the thermometer 3 degrees below your daytime norm—65 to 68 degrees for most of us. Your body temp naturally drops when you sleep, and a cool room helps it along. 
I also use a sleep mask. That way when the sun peaks through in the morning, especially as the summer approaches, which causes the sun to rise earlier, your sleep won't be disturbed until your alarm goes off!
This one works wonders for me! (Here's the link to my favorite mask.)

And if your house is a busy one, wear ear plus too. 


Shut down your iStuff, TV and computer an hour before you crash; artificial light fools your brain's hypothalamus (the part that transitions you into sleep) into thinking it's daytime. If you absolutely can't resist a peek at email, at least hold the phone at arm's length to minimize the effects.
Also, phones these days can also turn off calls and alerts for times that you set (like sleeping hours!)

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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  1. Great information. I am going to try it...for real this time!


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