Travel: The 10 Busiest Days to Travel

So we know that Summer is the PEAK season for traveling.

But, that's because it is the optimal time when folks can take a holiday.

I mean, a recent poll notes that 88% of Americans have a plan for a summer getaway.

That's A LOT of people!

According to, the busiest days to travel will -- predictably -- be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so consider vacations on Sunday through Wednesday if you can.

Also, here's 10 days this summer that are sure to be jammed packed with fellow travelers.
1. Friday, May 23 (Memorial Day weekend)
2. Saturday, May 24 (Memorial Day weekend)
3. Thursday, May 29
4. Friday, May 30
5. Thursday, June 5
6. Friday, June 6
7. Saturday, May 28
8. Thursday, June 19
9. Thursday, June 12
10. Thursday, July 3 (July Fourth weekend)
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