Fashion: Flash Tattoos!
Lena $22

Jewelry-inspired tattoos!

You'll love this latest fashion accessory. Check out my review....after the jump...

I am a lover of ink and all things artsy! 
I myself have a few tattoos and have thought about getting a few more but the pain I experienced during my last tattoo has made me pause. 
It was a very bad experience, so when I saw the Flash Tattoos, I was excited!  I think I have found the solution to my "pain", and a way to add to my love of metallics... especially gold.
These "tattooe" last about 4 to 6 days and are easy to apply. Lay tattoo face down on clean dry skin and apply wet cloth against it for 30 seconds, then peel back. Avoid sunscreens or lotions on tattoo.
Dakota $22

Dakota $22

                                                                     Sophia $22

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