Beauty: Men Speak Out About Their Least Favorite Looks

Ladies, how many of us have stood in front of the mirror, worrying about our imagined worst features? How to disguise them, fix them, banish them - and most of us have tried all sorts of creams, makeups, hair styles, and even plastic surgery.

Who are we trying to look good for? If it's for the guys, I have some pretty good news. I've found out exactly what they DON'T like, and it's a lot of the things we do.

Read on...

I randomly polled some local men, wondering what they had to say about us ladies. Here is what they told me:

•Please don't wear so much makeup. A little bit of makeup is nice, the effort is definitely appreciated and enjoyed, but...we love you as you are! Go ahead and enhance your best features, but don't go overboard. A little bit of makeup goes a long way!

•Vibrant colors are distracting. Lime green eyeshadow and purple lip gloss may be trendy, but we're not really into it.

•We like it better when your hair isn't too "done". We love your hair - we like to touch it and run our fingers through it, not be chastised for messing it up or get our fingers stuck in your hairspray.

•We are confused by the all-black makeup look. Specifically, black lipstick and eyes done up completely in black. It seems a bit dark and costume-y.

•Your clothing doesn't need to be skimpy. In fact, we like you to enhance your features rather than expose them. If we are dating you, we obviously love your body type! Dress for it, and show it off nicely.

•We don't understand or like the constant complaints about your weight, your looks, etc. That you make an effort with your appearance is something we like, but hating how you look is something we do not. How you look is not as important as you think it is.

•Long fake nails. We just don't enjoy them. Sorry.

•Bright hair colors like blue or magenta, or short funky spiky looks - they're all awesome, but just know which ones are for you. 

•Too much perfume is more toxic than intoxicating. A little bit is very nice.

•Smoking. It looks bad, it smells bad, and it is bad for you. 

So you see ladies, we are spending entirely too much time trying to be perfect, instead of figuring out how to love who we are, and show that off. It seems like our guys want us to spend some free time with them, not trying to fix the things they love most about us.


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  2. So true!! I just found out my friend didn't liked spiked hair at all!!!


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