Beauty: My Top 10 Best Movie Beauty Makeovers

The best part about being a makeup artist is transforming people. I love bringing the glam! Naturally, any movie with a makeover scene in it grabs my attention. Here, my top ten best beauty makeovers from the big screen...

The Devil Wears Prada

Actually, not so bad before...

Amazing after. This film's wardrobe was to die for!

(Fern Mayo/Vylette)

Girl desperately in need of makeover...

Becomes a beautiful flower (but not very nice on the inside)


So adorably clueless...

So adorably fab!

My Fair Lady

It's hard to make Audrey Hepburn look bad. So apparently, they just threw some dirt on her...

Beautiful as ever here, and in every "after" scene in the film.

Miss Congeniality

A very plain Jane...

Simply Stunning!!

The Princess Diaries

From awkward teen...

to enchanting Princess.


So okay, Leo never ever looks bad, even when he's trying...

But he sure does clean up nicely!!

Whip It

Gawky, small town girl with a dream...

Spunky little gal after!!

She's Out of Control

Teetering between nerdy and cute...

And tada! Popular girl post makeover.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

SJP done up as a drab teen...

then transformed into a foreshadowing of the style icon she's become.

Which movie makeover was your favorite?

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