Fashion: Fashion "Don'ts" that you should be "Doing"!

One thing that stays constant in fashion: rules are meant to be broken!

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Check out how you can break all the rules without any faux-pas.
First rule...
1. Don't Mix prints !
There is nothing wrong with mixing patterns together, the key is to find a main color to spin off. It should still be pleasing to the eyes and the colors should flow well together. Try to stay on the same color palette but different variations.

2. Never wear white after Labor Day!
This urban legend ended years ago, but some still follow this rule. Let it go! White can be worn all year long!

3. Always match your shoes with your handbag!
Remember you were taught, your shoes and purse, should always match. What fun is that?? That rule is obsolete! Fashion is suppose to be out-the-box!

4. My personal favorite: Always remove one item before leaving the house.
My rule has always been to add on more! I love accessories! More bangles! More Rings!

What are some of your "don't", you now "do"? Please share!

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  1. I love mixed prints. I wish could rock that style at work, though.


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