Men's Trends: Rules to Texting and Sexting

People are meeting one another in the most unconventional ways, so dating these days can be more awkward than ever.
One of the ways that people, especially men, try to stay "comfortable" is to send texts. That's OK. for the small stuff; but a big no-no for having conversations.

Here's some general rules for texting...even sexting.

is, of course, is to avoid text conversations.
The value of the phone call to a woman is very much still there. Also, the base in your voice is what turns us on. Our imagination will run wild!

NEVER, EVER, EVER ask a woman out on a date via text.
It's an immediate turn off! It's the chivalry of it all to properly invite her to spend time with her. Old fashioned does work!

Don't pull an Anthony Weiner! The art of the sext is an essential one to master. Do it poorly and you'll become the laughingstock of her friends. Do it well and you'll get lucky. 

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