Real Life: The Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance

Feeling stressed? 
Is it because of your day job?

Well consider a career change...and here's some suggestions.

Long gone are the days of staying with a company or even a job/career for 20, 30 or more years.
Companies have proved that they can move on because of...whatever reason, and you should have the same mentality.

So if you are doing something that isn't your passion or purpose, you need to develop an exit strategy...stat!

Here's a study that shows the best jobs for work-life balance:
  • Data scientist – 4.4
  • SEO specialist – 4.3
  • Tour guide – 4.3
  • Lifeguard – 4.3
  • Social media manager – 4.3
  • Group fitness instructor – 4.2
  • User experience designer – 4.2
  • Corporate communications – 4.1
  • Firefighter – 4.1
  • Equity trader – 4.0
  • Law clerk – 4.0
  • Investment analyst – 4.0
  • Administrative assistant – 4.0
  • Office assistant – 3.9
  • Sales representative – 3.9
  • Help-desk technician – 3.9
  • Substitute teacher – 3.8
  • Carpenter – 3.8
  • Real estate broker – 3.8
  • Game designer – 3.8
Originally published on Business News Daily.

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