Real Life: Cheap and Easy Disguisable Beach Purse or Wallet

When you're at the beach, the last thing you want to worry about is your wallet!

You have to take it with you...yanno...because of your ID and money. But no one wants to mind it or babysit the stuff while everyone is in the water.

Crime and thefts do happen on the glorious place called the beach...unfortunately.

So trick the enemy with this little trick.

Just take an empty bottle, like this shampoo bottle and twist the top so that it pops right off.  

Clean it out  (of course) and cut a hole in the top that's just big enough, to stash your valuable items inside. 

Now you can snap the top back on, and your items are perfectly concealed. 
Anyone who sees this will just think it's a bottle, and chances are, nobody's wants to steal your shampoo!

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