Fashion: How to wear a belt!

I got a email from one of my readers, she asked me to please show her how to wear a belt. She has trouble decided where to place it. Most times she said the belts end up not being worn or in the trash. So this one is for you! I hope it helps.

She wanted to know exactly where the belt should be worn, on top of a dress. Do you put it on the waist, below the waist, or above the waist?  Also does it depend on your shape?

Yes! The key words are shape and fit.

This is an easy one! The shape of the dress has already determined where to place the belt. The belt helps define the waistline. For those who may not have a small waistline, you can still get this look but with a wider belt, to create a waistline. Like the look below!

Etsy Vintage dress

Well, what about the ladies who aren't happy with their stomachs or may not have an hour glass shape? There is a look for you too! Check out the belt placement on the picture below. Its higher up, above the stomach to create a shape.
I absolutely love the look below. She definitely knows her body and how to dress to accentuate her shape. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color!
I was also asked, is it a good idea to wear a belt on your hips if you have a larger stomach? No! avoid wearing a belt that hangs and sits under your stomach. It will make your stomach look larger.

I love the celebrities looks below! My favorite is the far right. I love to wear my belt hanging on my hips, with a t-shirt and jeans. Bohemian style!!

What are you favorite looks? Do you have any other tips on how to wear a belt?


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