Men's Trends: 3 Tips for Summer Style

Guys, there are things you have to do in the summer that are different than in the fall and winter.

You may already get that. But here's some of the top things to keep in check that will please your lady.

Keep Your Body Hair In Check

Warmer weather means exposing more skin and more body hair. A lot of guys have excess body hair that needs to be groomed. Some body parts, like your back, are not negotiable -- get it waxed. (Tip: Make sure there is no hair between your back and the line where your hair on your head begins. Unruly hairs creeping out from the back of your T-shirt is a turnoff.) 

Other body parts, however, like your chest, are negotiable; you'll have to consider your preference, budget and what the woman in your life thinks. Major areas like your back and chest are well-suited for waxing. 

Protect Your Skin

Women aren't the only one's who are subject to alligator skin in old age.
Did you know that you're suppose to wear sunscreen year round, right? And especially in the summertime. 

Look for a lightweight moisturizer that has SPF built in (SPF 30 or higher). Some also come with a built-in self-tanner, which will give you that awesome summer tan.

Switch Colognes

Think one cologne is enough? Think again. As the seasons change, so should your scent. Citrus-y scents work best in warmer weather, while spicy and woodsy notes are best for fall.


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