Men's Trends: Patience in Your Relationships

Being in a relationship is fun and hard, all at the same time.

Most of us would choose to have companionship, rather than the alternative...being lonely. But with that you are going to have some clashing.

It's inevitable: it's two different souls coming together to share a life together. 

Often times, as with my own situation, you have two different approaches to life. And that's o.k. But here's some tips to maintain patience and ultimately deepen the love.

Be mindful in situations that challenge your patience. Take note of the emotional, physical and mental responses you are having so you can learn to recognize the ways in which you react to such challenges. Understanding how you react to things that challenge your patience is tantamount to coping with relationship challenges and learning to practice and employ patience.

Impatience is often the result of unfulfilled expectations. Remember that life is unpredictable and there are many circumstances that are outside your control. For example, replace thoughts like, "my husband must put the toilet seat down" with thoughts more like, "it would be nice if my husband put the toilet seat down" in order to take the immediacy off the issue and downgrade it to something more manageable and less testing of patience.

Check your ego. Determine how much of your impatience is due to your desire to be right or to have things go according to your plan. To develop patience, you must acknowledge that a relationship involves 2 people, and that your perspective is only part of the equation.

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  1. Relationships do take work. Each have to put in the effort and it will be beautiful.


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