Beauty: Interview with Model/Actress Dani Burke

 Meet Dani Burke: Model, actress, singer...AND she has a really cool first name!
Dani and Dani at work!
Photo: Derek's Family Photography

Lazaro: Hey Dani! First of all, congrats on having such a fabulous first name. We're twins! 

Burke: Hey! Thanks, I'm a fan of it 

(Read on for Dani's Beauty Secrets...)

Lazaro: I remember one of the first times we worked together, you had a foundation you loved. I think it was…Mary Kay? Do you still wear it?

Burke: Yeah! It was Mary Kay Matte Foundation. I do still wear it. I love that I wasn't glowing like a night light when I wore it. I'm a big fan of the matte look and it really helped me get that.

Photo: Scalcione Photography; 
Headdress: Susan Adams,

Lazaro: Do you wear makeup every day?

Burke: No, I don’t. I tend to leave it for shows and shoots!

Photo: Sheila Carroll Photography

Lazaro: What is the one thing that makes you feel most beautiful?

Burke: Hmmm, the thing about me that makes me feel beautiful? I would say my personality. Beauty is only skin deep and a whole lot of ugly can come from inside, so I try to be happy and content in life. I find that beautiful.

Photo: Tina Botzenhardt Photography

Lazaro: You're a fantastic entertainer. My boyfriend and I loved you in “Hair”. But seriously, your makeup didn't budge! Were you even wearing any? What WAS it???

Burke: Aww. Thanks so much! That show was a blast. I wore the Mary Kay foundation for the show and set it with E.L.F. powder. Boom! Makeup is going nowhere.

Photo: Mike Newcomer

Lazaro: Ok, time to fess up...What was the cheesiest beauty trend you ever bought into? I personally wore a wretched navy blue eyeliner all through 6th grade...

Burke: Hmmm, there was a time that I wore black lipstick because I wanted to be Goth. Yep. That happened.

Photo: Jeff Howlett

Lazaro: Ok, scenario… You have to be on stage in two minutes, and you have nothing on your face or in your hair. What do you use the two minutes to do?

Burke: Two minutes? Eyeliner, mascara and rock the crazy hair!!!!!

Photo: DayjaVue

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  1. She's gorgeous. I love these model interview series.

  2. She certainly is! Look for more model interviews coming soon!


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