Men's Trends: When You Knew You Found the One

Whether you've found the love of your life or you are still waiting...

I think you all will love the stories of how these men knew that they have found it.

A Reddit thread popped up on Monday asking married men to tell the story of the exact moment they knew their wife was The One. Read on for 23 super sweet anecdotes and tell us yours in the comments.
1. They were a perfect match -- literally.
"When we first moved in together and we were unpacking our books. I stepped back when we were done and I noticed we had doubles of all of our favorite novels. I remember thinking to myself, 'yup, she's the one'."
2. When she became his rock. 
"My Dad had just died, and I went to his funeral a state over around five hours away. So I'm sitting there alone in my hotel room and my girlfriend calls me to see how I'm doing and I say I'm fine when I'm really torn up inside. I was unable to sleep and at around 4 am I get a knock on the hotel door ... I looked through the window and instantly started crying. My girlfriend had driven five hours in the middle of the night because she knew I was having a hard time."
3. When he realized she supported him unconditionally. 
"The first night we met, I was unemployed and she was far too attractive for me. When I reluctantly told her about my employment situation, she calmly responded 'Well it looks like I'm buying your drinks for the night then!'. I knew she was something special, a year later I asked her to marry me. We've been together 10 years and have two kids. She stays at home and now I buy her drinks."
4. They laughed at all the same jokes, even when no one else was.
"Out to the movies with a big group. Stupid movie, but there was only one other person who laughed [when] I laughed. I figured out who she was. We went out. We continued to laugh at all the wrong spots in life. We have been married almost 25 years. Still laughing when no one else does."
5. When he knew he had found his other half. 
"The moment I realized I stopped thinking 'I' and was always thinking 'we'."

Got a tip or story idea? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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