Men's Trends: Women Really DON'T Like Beards

I feel like this is a topic that can get really fiery.

I feel like most women don't really like beards, although there are plenty of women who swear they do.
Now that may be true aesthetically - your type may very well be the grizzly, mountain, unkempt guy. 
But when it comes to snuggling - does his "face hair" really feel good?

Let's talk about it...

A new eBay Fashion survey (yeah, eBay has a Fashion section that takes polls, apparently) of 1,000 people seems to indicate that women are simply over the bearded movement. And as the scientists said, it might be because women just don't like your beard as much as you do. If that's the case, what's the point then, fellas? You didn't nurture your luxurious beard so you could stroke it while you sit around in your stinky sweatpants playing video games, did you? No, I thought not. You did it to get chicks, and with only 55% of surveyed women saying they like beards, that prospect is diminishing by the second. 

But don't worry, dudes like them. A full 75% of men are backing them, which is great news if you want to just hang out with your friends playing hacky sack all day like a dirty high school hippy. 

Check out the survey:

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