Real Life: 3 Ways to Instantly Build Your Esteem

Self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you.

We all know the crucial building stages of this is during out developmental years as a kid.
But we all know we struggle with our insecurities in different stages in our lives.

*a new love after a tragic end to another relationship
*a new job
*a trip to a new country

The list goes on. But the good thing with being an adult is that you can add some tools to your "life coping box" and instantly build your esteem for the day ahead!

Dress Sharp
Although clothes don’t make the woman or man, they certainly affect the way you feel about yourself. No one is more conscious of your physical appearance than you are. When you don’t look good, it changes the way you carry yourself and interact with other people. If you're insecure about your dress or jeans, you tug at it all day and you just don't feel great. Use this to your advantage by taking care of your personal appearance. In most cases, significant improvements can be made by bathing and shaving frequently, wearing clean clothes, and wearing your favorite perfume.
Good Posture
Similarly, the way a person carries herself tells a story. People with slumped shoulders and lethargic movements display a lack of self confidence. They aren’t enthusiastic about what they’re doing and they don’t consider themselves important. By practicing good posture, you’ll automatically feel more confident. Stand up straight, keep your head up, and make eye contact. You’ll make a positive impression on others and instantly feel more alert and empowered.
Compliment other people
When we think negatively about ourselves, we often project that feeling on to others in the form of insults and gossip. To break this cycle of negativity, get in the habit of praising other people. Refuse to engage in backstabbing gossip and make an effort to compliment those around you. In the process, you’ll become well liked and build your own esteem becuase you are doing food in the world.
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