Travel: Keeping Cash and Cards Safe as You Travel

When you travel there isn't a perfect answer on how to keep your cash and cards safe and have them accessible at the same time. 

But I do have a good answer...

The solution is to divide both cash and credit cards into multiple places so as to reduce your risk of losing (in one way or another) all your access to money at once. You may want to carry two debit cards and three credit cards, if you are on an extended trip and out of touch with American friendly resources for awhile.

Stash cash and cards in at least two or three of the following places:
  • purse or pack -this can be your main supply and it’s for purchasing items from stores and other establishments.
  • pocket -carry small amounts of money in pockets that zip or Velcro shut for small purchases. Having a bit of cash in your pocket so that there’s no need to open a purse or backpack keeps things simple and safe.
  • bra -I call this the perfect pocket. (P.S. I keep other things there too if I want to be totally hotel key, etc.) for the fellas, they have cool little items like money beltspassport pouches, and hidden pockets. 
  • luggage- store backup cash and a credit card in secret compartments in  your luggage. (Pay attention to how you place it, so you will immediately recognize if it has been tampered. But in my experience, most hotel staff leave your stuff alone, especially if you place it neatly out of their way during cleaning.)
    • also, if you are staying in a hotel in a country with entirely different standards that aren't catered to Americans, you can request that there is no in room service during your stay, as extra security for your stuff in the room.
One last note...don’t carry more than you can afford to lose. 

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