Beauty: An Interview with Internet Sensation MollyAnn (The DramaMine Gal)

Meet MollyAnn…She’s  smart, beautiful, and absolutely hysterical!

Photo: Julie Jackson Photography

Dani: Well, hello Miss Molly! It seems like forever since our late night, wacky, facebook chats. It's really only been a month or two. What have you been up to? 

MollyAnn: Oh, not much really, staring at the ceiling and dreaming about ice cream. I think the better question is what HAVEN'T I been up to? Between my 5 kids, romantic debaucles and new flame, makeup, exercise, my photography business...and I think I sleep sometimes....yeah, not much really. 

Dani:  I noticed you are on board with Younique. It seems like you love the products - you certainly look awesome in your pictures.

MollyAnn: Yes, VERY reluctantly I agreed to try the whole presenters kit and well, I didn't just drink the kool-aid, I fell in the 5 gallon kool-aid bucket - like FELL in love with the products, except for, because I must stay honest....SOME of the matte eyeshadows, I do not care for. HOWEVER, their 3-D Fiberlash mascara is life changing in the world of blonde, sparse eyelashes. LIFE CHANGING!!!!! lol  
What is really funny is that my Younique site where I direct people that want to buy from me (yes, totally a shameless plug) is   So it LOOKS like “MollyAnn Slashes” instead of “MollyAnn's Lashes”....hahaha

Dani: Ha! That is funny!!! It fits your wacky personality though! I think we've spoken before about beauty being subjective - in the eye of the beholder, as it were. What makes you feel beautiful?

MollyAnn: Okay, blah on questions that make me look inward and examine myself....blech, blech, blech.........I don't know that I ever feel beautiful, actually. Oddly, if I do it's in pictures of me with my kids snuggled up on me, when I am being mommy and my hair is a mess and I haven't showered in God only knows how many days.

Dani: Well of course. Shower once a week, whether you need it or not!

Your eyes are the most stunning, piercing blue! What is your favorite way to play them up?

MollyAnn: My FAVORITE way to dress up blue eyes is with RED and ORANGE shadows....yep, RED! It's daring and makes your eyes just explode off of your face. I LOVE IT! 

Dani: You're very big on making sure people see both sides of you on social media - all glammed up, and au natural. Which look do you prefer?

MollyAnn: I prefer my natural state in the summer when I am bronze and blonde, lol....then in the winter, I prefer the porcelain doll look, with pale skin and dramatic eyes.

Photo: Yourbestpix/Mike Newcomer

Dani: You're doing quite a bit of television and video lately. Have you found any products that work better for that versus for every day life? 

MollyAnn: There is no competition for taking care of your skin from the inside out. Drinking PLENTY of water keeps your skin supple, glowy and young looking....I REALLY UP my water intake for at least 2 days before any type of shoot.

Check out more of MollyAnn at:

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And on YouTube – (I suggest starting with this gem of a vid!)

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