Beauty: Style on the Street

Street Style – It’s that certain something that makes you pause wherever you are and take a second look at someone. I do this all the time. As a makeup artist, I am absolutely obsessed with faces. And hair. And styling. I have been known to walk up to complete strangers and tell them how beautiful they are, or how much I love their outfit. Sometimes, I just feel compelled.

Lately I have been taking quick iphone pics of random people I spot and think are fabulous. Read on to see who has captured my eye lately.

I ran into this gal last month in the restroom at Charlotte-Douglas Airport. I was heading to Ft. Lauderdale, and she had just taken the red eye in from Cali. It was VERY early in the morning, but she was putting on makeup, and she looked great. I loved her entire vibe from head to toe. She said her name was America (how cool is that?), and allowed me to take pictures of her making up.

I spend a good portion of my time on a college campus, as I am also enrolled in a medical program. I flagged this gal down early one morning because I saw the red in her hair and just had to get a closer look. I introduced myself, pronounced her hair as “fabulous” and captured this pic.

Another campus pic. This girl comes to school every day looking fantastic. I have never seen someone look so pretty in scrubs before. Sometimes she has fake lashes on too, and then I am in absolute heaven!

I took this shot at my local Target. I am completely obsessed with this girl’s hair. I want my hair to be these colors. She’s just plain awesome. I have a total hair crush.

On my recent trip to Ft. Lauderdale, I attended a documentary about my Dad’s 80s band. I met this lovely gal before the show, and I was completely taken with her outfit. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I especially love the belted ruffly thing she’s got going on down at the bottom, and she said she kind of threw that on last minute.

 Send us your favorite snapshots of people whose style you admire!

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