Men's Trends: Rock Prints

I used to think it was so cute, when my EX got dressed up for a date.
He's a normally casual dresser: t-shirts are his staple.
And I don't mind that.
But when it was time to "get fancy" he'd throw on a printed button-down, and it made all the difference paired with his jeans.

Here's some other ways your man can add prints to his style.

Especially if most of your wardrobe is simple and monochromatic.
Look for something a little jazzy for the chill outdoors.
 If you insist on being conservative, at least with your shirts, then have fun with your feet.
It may be taboo to steer outside of the office buttoned-down uniform. But give your co-workers a sneak-peak every time you sit down, and your trouser lift around the ankle. 
 And the most simple adjustment and way to ease in... buy handkerchiefs that pop!
and they're cheap too!

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