Fashion: Soul Train Awards!

Who should be allowed and who should not be allowed to board the train?

Wendy Williams hosted the 2014 Soul Train Music Awards. She looks lovely in this silver gown.

I didn't have an absolute worse dressed, but I didn't necessarily have a best dressed either. I have some I like better than others. I decided to showcase a few of the styles I found eye catching. You tell me, what do you think of their looks.

 I'm a huge fan of jumpsuits so of course I noticed this immediately! Michelle Williams looks very classy in this black jumpsuit. The fit is perfect! I would definitely wear this! 

Faith is stunning, as usual, in this little black dress. I love her shoes. 

Tamar was sparkling on stage! I was a fan of this outfit when I saw it was a one piece pant outfit! It's definitely out the box! #fashionfreedom 
I love Lil Kim! We shouldn't expect anything different!

I actually liked this outfit Tamar was wearing hosting the Red Carpet. 

Okay.....and then this happened! I already dislike most catsuits, but put that to the side, it's just not right! But I'm glad its not spandex. I love the colors and the pattern, but I don't think this was a good choice for Wendy Williams. 

Did I miss anyone? Who were your favorites?Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!


  1. Yassss to Michelle Williams!! C'mon Faith, you're no longer on Bad Boy Records. Cover that Titty Tat up already! No comment on the rest of the Fashions presented. LOL ~CCB~

  2. Tamar and Michelle Williams killed them. Now the other Williams....Wendy. This was not at all flattering. Her stylist needed to be fired. Also this was not helping at all the rumors of her possibly being a man. Smh

    1. Tamar and Michelle slayed them! Wendy was the Mistress of Ceremony and I expected more from her. Her stylist definitely missed with the catsuit.

  3. Wow Wendy! Who did that to her!!!!!???

  4. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! Plus shes too old for that outfit!

    1. Wendy just celebrated her 50th birthday! I think she looks great for her age. Age is nothing but a number! But we don't want to see her in a onsie!

  5. Michelle did that!!!!! Lovely! Best of the night!

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