Fashion: In honor of my "Queen" Elizabeth !

Elizabeth  Blow Glover (my grandmother)

  Growing up, my grandmother was who I looked up to for fashion advice. She was a very classy, refined lady! I would watch her put on her gloves, she had a pair for every outfit, and her hats were all custom made. On weekends she would get dressed up and go out on the town. There was always a Lincoln Town car or a Cadillac sedan picking her up, whisking her away! She was my idol and will always be. She taught me "class" does not go out of style!
  So in honor of her fabulous life, I'm dedicated this article to her, Elizabeth Blow Glover. I will truly miss her! 

Our 2012 photo shoot. 

Always stylish! This Diva didn't stop wearing heels until the age of 96, and it was only because the doctor told her to stop. 

She had a hat for every occasion, in every color!

  My mother would always tell me, I was my grandmothers child, not hers. When I was little, making my own clothes and wearing tons of jewelry, wearing hats, and gloves and a very young age, my mom would just be in awe at what I could do (sometimes she would just shake her head) but she always let me express myself. I immediately had a interest in everything Vintage.

NYE 2014
Honoring Queen Elizabeth's memory! 

My sweet Elizabeth, you will be missed but never forgotten!

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  1. Your grandmother was very classy Darlinda and I can only hope to be as classy when I get older. She was a beautiful lady which obviously runs in your family. May she rest in paradise, love you Darlinda!

  2. Beautiful! Such a great that you had her as such an influence in your life.

  3. Thank you Dayvee! Yes it is!

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