4 Ways to keep this adventure going

4 Ways to keep this adventure going

The support episode
While in cozy cabin near Lassen Volcanic National Park, Dayvee sits in front of a cozy fire and breaks down the ways she has produced this show and how you can keep supporting the production of Beyond the Usual.


Love what we are doing? Here's how you can help keep this dream project going:  

1. Be engaged

When you watch a video, on whatever platform you are, make sure that you’re subscribed and the notifications so you never miss a new episode. But, most of all, share in the comments what you thought about the episode.

2. Share the love

Spread the news about this show on social media, and don't forget to tag us!

3. Tell your village

More than just sharing, give your own community a nudge by tagging them when you see something we share on social media.

4. Give us a tip!

If you’d like to support this production with a monetary tip we’ve started a Patreon account.
Patreon is simply a platform where fans of this show can help support the production of it by giving anything from a $1 tip to full on sponsored episodes.
The best part is that our patrons received some pretty amazing perks being a part of the community. To check it out, visit patreon.com/BeyondtheUsual.

CLICK HERE for a list of where you can watch all episodes of Beyond the Usual.


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