Beauty: 10 Reasons You've Just Gotta Love Models

Photos by Luna
Model: J'Melange
Makeup: Dani Lazaro

I kind of have an awesome job. I get to play with makeup on my real-life Barbie girls, and get paid. People ask me all the time what it's like working with models. Do they ever eat? Are they friendly? (Yes to both, for the most part)

Models are a special breed of people. They are lovely, and fun, and quirky  - and they have their own way of seeing the world.

Here, my top ten reasons why I love models:

1) Go ahead, ask them what size shoes they wear...they'll typically give you a range! "I'm usually a 7 to 8 1/2". Seriously. Because though we all have a true shoe size, if a model spots a killer pair of heels, she will gladly volunteer to smash her foot into the too-small shoe or totter on the way-too-big stilettos.

Photo: George Holt
Model: Legan Collins
Makeup: Dani Lazaro

2) They have "model-car". Model-car is a phenomenon whereby the girls have automobiles simply stuffed full of clothing, shoes, undergarments, snacks, makeup, hair accessories, wigs, and so on, in order to show up to a shoot fully prepared. They go big or go home. It can make things kind of tricky when they are looking for a specific item and it is lost amongst the sea of stuff, but it's an enjoyable thing nonetheless.

Photo: Sheila Carroll
Model: Heather Rogers
Makeup: Dani Lazaro

3) They have suitcases just for shoes, and the shoes they bring are just the ones that "might" work for the shoot. (They have about 500 other pairs back home).
On a recent assignment, model Caitlin brought in the biggest haul I have ever seen (see photo below)

Caitlin's shoes!!! (Some of them, anyway)

4) They have discussions amongst themselves about how comfortable certain heels are. They walk around the studio, happily chattering and clacking about, saying gleefully, "These heels are so comfy!" AND THEY MEAN IT. And they don't fall over, like ,*cough*, some people would.

Model Lauren Chelsea (making the heels look effortless)
Photo: Louis Picard
Makeup: Dani Lazaro

5) They're generous. Most of the girls are pretty confident in themselves, so they will (literally) take the dress off their back and loan it to another model if it makes her look great on camera.

Model Caitlin is always willing to share her fab shoes and wardrobe!
Photo: Brandi Holcombe Cribb
Hair/Makeup: Dani Lazaro

6) They crack jokes at their own expense. I've heard Sheridan Wilcox say more than once (when lunch arrived and she was still in hair and makeup), "No biggie. We're models. We don't eat."

Model Sheridan Wilcox (Who does actually eat)
Photo: Linda Packard
Hair/Makeup: Dani Lazaro

7) They are self deprecating. Example: Gnossienne. You can tell her right to her face how stunning she is and she will just quietly thank you and change the subject. She'd much rather advocate for women in general.

Model: Gnossienne
Photo: Jamie Eudy
Hair/Makeup: Dani Lazaro

8) They say thank you. Remember, it is my job to do their hair and makeup. Somebody paid me. The girls still squeal with delight, tell me how beautiful they feel, and thank me. It's pretty cool, actually.

9) They take the best selfies ever. They know the right camera angle, the look, how to pose...I don't care how many selfies these girls post, I love seeing them all.

Model Stacey Johnson in one of her typical epic selfies!

10) They commit to the shoot - and bring their 'A' game. Model La Maupin showed up for our Valentine Fashion Show Promo Shoot for Suite in Epicenter with scads of lingerie, and a pair of wings. You know, just in case. You have to love that.

Model: La Maupin
Photo: Emily Slaughter
Makeup: Dani Lazaro


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