Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Episode #9
Dayvee visits Oslo, Norway for a quick trip, but immediately immerses in the culture. From the odd foods, to art museum, to the rooftop of the opera house, she quickly learns the days are short and the temperatures are very cold in the winter.
Episode #10 In part two of 48-hours in Oslo, Norway, Dayvee and friends experience the coldest day yet of the trip, while touring an outdoor cultural museum. Then they’re off to VIP treatment at Nobel Peace Center.
Episode #11 Racial tensions are high in the United States, and Dayvee meets some expatriates during her trip in Norway. In this interview series, these new Norwegian residents explain some sort of racism-free utopia. Is this the place where black Americans can finally be free?
Episode #12
Oslo, Norway a Utopia where Black Americans can live racism free? Dayvee explores the benefits of living in this Scandinavian country with a festive chat with some expatriates of color.


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