Travel: Guys, You're using the selfie stick all wrong

So I must admit, I was one of the people who (secretly) made fun of you guys who used selfie sticks.

OK...I also made fun of people who got caught taking selfies, in general. I mean, their faces look so silly trying to go for the perfect pose!
And, the selfie stick just made you look like a tourist! haha

Anyway, after borrowing my mother's for a couple of outings, I am hooked and have ordered my own!

But...that's not why we're here today...

...We're here to talk about how you guys are doing it all wrong!

You probably see the photos all the time of people extending their arms whilst taking a selfie...which is what you have to do in that pose. Now, they do the same when holding the selfie stick.

Guys! The point of the selfie stick (monopod) is to
1. relieve your arm from the extension, as the stick is set up to do the reaching for you.

2. make photos look like #notaselfie- like someone took the photo for you.

In other words, you can gain some depth with the monopod, and execute the "Ellen selfie shots" or #groupies or #usies, with ease.

But over and over again, I see you guys reaching your arm with your selfie stick.

Check out some celebrities caught in the act.
Here's rap mogul Diddy having fun taking photos of himself on a yahct.

At the 2015 Super Bowl media Day, New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski took a selfie while on the podium giving interviews with the press.
But here's my quick PSA (public service announcement) to show you how to execute the perfect selfie with the "selfie stick."

Arm is extended...for no reason
...and here's the photo. 

Even when cropped, you see my arm extended.
So, what's the point?
THE BETTER WAY arm is relaxed...
Sure, you still see the stick,
but, now all I have to do is crop it out...
This looks like a portrait. 
It's a wide shot with room to write a caption to the left, even.

I'm trying to work out the shadows from the pole, but other than that...
I've got the high angle worked out.

Voila! High-angle, minimal shadows, no awkward arm extension.

So what do you think? Will you get a monopod for your phone? I can't wait to get mine, and the best part is that it is so fits so easily in my purse!

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