Fashion: CIAA 2015 Fashions!

Its all about the fashions!

Ritz Carlton Charlotte N.C.
French Connection, Nordtroms, Her Boutique

I was quit impressed with the fashions this year, maybe it was the venues that I chose. Everyone was mature and classy and not trashy! I didn't see any booty cheeks, or nakedness. Of course I'm biased and a bit old fashioned in what I like, so tell me what you think?

I love it when someone can take a look and tweak it to match their style, in ways no one would have thought of. 

Here are my favorite looks!

Her boutique (jeans), Peek-a-boutique (blazer), Grandmas closet (blouse)(gold scale belt)(bangles), Nordstroms(shoes)
These were my daytime/nighttime looks. A blazer during the day while still showing sex appeal with a closed toe pump. At night I removed the blazer and put on a fedora to jazz it up and gold accessories! I got an enormous amount of compliments. A simple outfit that can make a statement! #fashionfreedom

These two right here! They have always been free when it comes to fashion! I absolutely love these two looks! The red purse and purple pumps accent the black and white! Just a simple splash of unexpected colors can make all the difference. The black and white dress fits beautifully and the belt adds a waist accent.Very classy! 

I am a sucker for a backless dress! The back is the sexiest part of the body and Donielle ( is rocking this  with nude pumps! Pretty in pink and she knows it! Very classy! Kudos!!!

Here she is again with my favorite look. Everyone knows my love of denim, fur, and leather.  Donielle is rocking distressed denim with a yellow backless top. The leather jacket and boots adds to the biker chic look! The metal belt matches the metal in the jacket and the necklace. I loooooove!!! #fashionfreedom 

Look at this fashionista! My dear friend Essence is a celebrity stylist and makeup artist. I love her tulle skirt and designer tights! She's young and can pull off this hot look! #fashionfreedom

Do you like these looks? This is my style, let me know what you think.

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  1. Love the choices above. Each one represented nicely with their selections.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked them!

  3. I love your style its very classy yet sexy. I'm glad there are still classy women around. I'm so tired of seeing women showing off every thing they have!!! LeaVE something to the imagination.

  4. Thank you so much! 😉

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