Travel: Solo Travel Safely by Staying at a Univeristy

So you want to take a solo trip, but you are not that comfortable with the idea yet.

Me in front of Buckingham Palace before "selfies" were a thing.
Of all of the inhibitions you may have, one of them may be how to find a safe place to stay.

Well, how about at a University?

NO! I am not tell you to go back to school!

In 2006, I ventured off to work in London. It was daring, invigorating and, of course, I was a little nervous.

The other factor was that as a solo traveler I would have to absorb all of my housing costs...instead of sharing them, as you would if you traveled with someone. So, that's a big investment for a regular young person, without an inheritance.

Well, I did some research and found a University was offering their dorm rooms for rent, like hotel rooms (I am piffed that I can't remember the name of the Uni.). The school would be out of session during my trip and they rented rooms on campus to travelers.

I read and re-read the discovery over and over. It seemed too good to be true! But what was even better, is that it only cost me $30/night.

My dorm room while staying in London in 2006

Fast forward to today, I received a note from They're a site that hooks you up with opportunities to find rooms at schools that are out of session, all over the world!
So, I decided to share my story.

Securing my dorm room brought me such comfort. Though the school wasn't in session, it was not abandoned. 

This was my first international trip. So coming off the airplane and back and forth to work in the new town gave me the feeling of being in the bubble of a college student.

Another benefit of the security there, is that you are the only one at the time who has the key to your room. Sometimes when I travel I am hesitant to leave my computer, and other valuables in the hotel room (though I try to travel minimally. But sometimes it can't be avoided if I am working and writing.) Most of my experiences with the hotel staff has been remarkable, but you occasionally hear of horror stories of people returning to their rooms after a day out and then finding things missing, moved...touched! You won't have this problem if you take that route.

Another plus is that it is a totally different experience than a hostel. I am not a hostel girl, at all, and this is a great alternative - you won't have to share personal spaces with strangers, and you will have a secure place for your things.

The price is right! According to, prices today start at just $35/night. But remember it is a dorm room- no frills, very small, and no staff bringing you towels and making your bed. But, I did have a single room with my own bath and shower. There wasn't a television, except in the community area. And, of course, you are responsible for your own food.

Got a tip? A travel hack? Let us know and we'll post it here!


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