Beauty: Younique 3D Fiberlash Review; Part 2 of 2

Remember, I am just one gal, with one opinion. 
With that said, here is my own personal review of Younique's 3D Fiberlash Mascara...

I recently posted a video of myself putting a client's 3D Fiberlash mascara on her. She swears by the product. So do scads of other people all over Instagram, twitter, and so on.

I was given my own set to try out, and I did so every day for two weeks. And I've got to say...

I can't stand the stuff. 

Here's why:

Cute packaging? Check. 
I can totally re-use this holder for other things when I travel.

Did it make my lashes look longer/more lush/darker (etc., etc.)? Check.



The problem? 
For one thing, the first instruction is to put on mascara. OTHER mascara! Put any other type of mascara on your lashes first. Why? Why? There are already two products in each set! That's not enough????

Second, the product comes with a tube of fibers. Pieces of....something. That you put on your lashes. Which are over your eyes. And those eyes are quite delicate. 
Younique proudly displays pics of these fibers. Check it out:

Remember, these go right near your eye

I spent two weeks perfecting my technique. I did get pretty good at putting the product on. 
But why don't I show it on video, then? 
Well, every time I used the product, I got fibers in my eyes. Fibers that would stick to my eyeballs, and I would have to pick them out, not just then, but all day long. It worried me. I don't need scratched up eyes. And I don't want to show that on video. 

Another thing - spider lashes, all day long. A google search of different distributors shows photo after photo of odd, spidery, clumpy, spiky messes. After two weeks, I was able to apply the product without the spidery effect, but at $30 and the risk of any issues with my eyes, the bottom line for me is - it's not worth it!

Again, women everywhere swear by this product. This is merely my opinion. I am absolutely open to trying other Younique products if the offers come around. But as for mascara, I am sticking to other brands. 

Got a tip? Send it our way. We may just feature it.


  1. wow! thanks for the honest review!

  2. they are very tedious to put on.
    but here's a video on how not to make the fibers fall in your eye -

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